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Mirta Scheffer, Counselor, Feltonville School of Arts & Sciences

Mirta Scheffer has been a counselor on the community campus at the Feltonville School of Arts & Sciences for her entire 23 year long career with the School District of Philadelphia.  (The Feltonville School Community Campus consists of Barton Elementary School, Feltonville Intermediate, and FSAS.)  She has worked tirelessly with generations of students to help them navigate their way through adolescence and into high school. 

Help save Ms. Sheffers’s job with one phone call. Take a minute to contact our elected officials. Check out our full list of people to call plus talking points. Or, here’s one city council member you can reach right now — they’re voting on funding this week:
Marian B. Tasco, District 9
City Hall, Room 577
(215) 686 3454, (215) 686 3455
FAX: (215) 686 1938
Twitter: @MbtPhillyDem

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9 thoughts on “Mirta Scheffer, Counselor, Feltonville School of Arts & Sciences

  1. Ms. Scheffer is indispensable to FSAS. She works tirelessly to make sure parents’ and students’ needs are met. She goes above and beyond. We can’t lose her and function properly. We need to save her job!

  2. It is simply unthinkable to imagine FSAS without Ms. Scheffer. Twenty-three years in one building — she has touched the lives of generations of families in the Feltonville community. We have to fight like hell to save her job!

  3. Dedicated, highly skilled, empathetic, knowledgeable, and very involved with her kids and their families and has been for many years. Her possible loss to the SDP and to the students and staff at FSAS in particular speaks volumes to the state of education in Philadelphia and bodes ill for the future of the city and its students.

  4. I’m a former seventh grade student in Feltonville School of the Arts&Sciences.Ms.Scheffer is a very dedicated women who plays a very important role in the life of my classmates and In mines.I truly believe that she should Keep her job because she is a very supportive Bilingual counselor in which many of the students in my school look up to when they have any type of struggles because she’s always there to guide us.But most importantly she has a family that she has to work for ,and to feed.Ms.Scheffer should be able to keep the job that she has dedicated all her time for 23 years and my school wouldn’t be the same without her

  5. Students always come first. Ms. Scheffer brings years of knowledge, compassion, and dedication to FSAS.
    Students, families, and colleagues have been supported by Ms. Scheffer. …
    How does a school community have any sense of community with out counselors???

  6. Mirta is not only there for her students, but for the teachers. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by the kids’ issues and Mirta is always there to give us guidance and support. No counselor? It just won’t work next year.

  7. Without Ms. Scheffer, I would not have been in the MG Program in elementary school. Ms. Scheffer led the way for my parents to understand what an “MG” program was – in Spanish. When I was deciding to either to go private high school, CAPA or Central – Ms. Scheffer took her time to help me look at the benefits rather than the title of the schools. I chose to attend Central, became its first Latino Class President in over two decades and have been involved in all aspects of my schools ever since, all due to Ms. Scheffer’s guidance. If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t have gone to Central which wouldn’t have prepared me to graduate from a public Philadelphia high school and attend Penn State Main Campus on a full ride fellowship program for academic merits.

    Thank you Ms. Scheffer, your hard work paid off! But there are still a thousand of more students in the Feltonville neighborhood that need Ms. Scheffer’s guidance and attention. Please keep her!!!

  8. In the absence of Ms. Scheffer, students would not find themselves in the high school of their choice, they would suffer daily for a caring ear, and they would leave our school more distraught than when they entered. Her responsibilities at our school are incomprehensible. It baffles me how Ms. Scheffer manages to complete the myriad of duties that she is currently responsible to complete each day. She is an integral part of FSAS and this is evidenced by the numerous successful High School applicants and the ability of troubled students to cope daily with unspeakable burdens. We stand by you Mirta. We won’t let these cuts take place.

  9. Mirta is not only our school counselor, she is our staff counselor. I would not be able to do my job successfully without her. It would be ridiculous to even think about working at FSAS without her.

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