About the Project

This website was created when one Philadelphia teacher — SLA English Teacher and TAG Core Member Larissa Pahomov — wanted to honor one of her fellow educators in Philadelphia who received a pink slip. That wish became this site’s first entry, Anissa Weinraub.

Our goal is twofold: to document layoffs at every school in Philadelphia, and to motivate every individual who visit the site to take action.

We are not “professionals” running this site — we are a handful of full-time teachers who know that staying silent equals giving up. We hope that our work inspires you to speak up and defend public education in Philadelphia!

If you would like more information about the project, e-mail us at TAGPhilly@gmail.com.You can learn more about us and sign up for membership at www.TAGPhilly.org.

Press Coverage of the Project

Daniel Denvir of The City Paper called Faces of the Layoffs “remarkable…only a mass movement can save Philadelphia schools from the grips of state-controlled permanent Crisis. Groups like TAG are at the lead.” Read more: Visit “Faces of Philly School Layoffs” Site Now

Diane Ravitch featured the site on her blog.

ABC News (video): Teachers, students work to prevent “doomsday” layoffs in Philadelphia

The Metro:  Faces of the School District Layoffs Collected Online

CBS News: New Website Profiles Employees Who May Get Laid Off

NBC News:  Facing the School Layoffs Head-On

City Paper:  Teachers Say Fallout of Doomsday Budget has Already Begun 

WHYY Newsworks: Faces of the School District of Philadelphia Layoffs

NEast Philly: Northeast teachers, school employees among ‘Faces of the Layoffs’

The Notebook: Teacher Action Group launches “Faces of the Layoffs”

Philly Magazine: These Are Some of the Faces of the School District Layoffs

Real World News: Philadelphia Slashes School Budget while State Spends $400Million on New Prisons

Rethinking Schools: Layoffs and School Closures in Philadelphia

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