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Top 4 Reasons Why Teacher Turnover is Increasing

Top 4 Reasons Why Teacher Turnover is Increasing

At Faces Of The Layoffs we take huge pride in caring for our fellow teachers. Millions of teachers are expected to retire in the next 10 years, and so the teaching work force is going to have some tough time ahead. Institutions are seeking teachers from abroad. But it will only clear part of the problem. The main challenge is to retain them. Here are the reasons why teacher turnover is increasing.

Working condition is not good



The environment in which teachers work is not suitable for showing good performance. There is a lack of space. Many teachers even have to share tables. Also, the buildings are not clean and safe. This is causing the teachers to live.

Change in testing process

Many schools now use standardized testing methods. These are hard to design and so are creating huge pressure on the teachers. They now have to spend more time on preparing the tests.

Low salary

Teachers are given lower salary compare to other professions. So, graduates are drawn more to other professions rather than teaching. There is also less scope for growth in teaching.

Threats of layoffs

Many schools are having a budget crisis. This is increasing the incidents of layoffs so that the school can control its expense. Most people look for permanent jobs. So, less number of teachers is drawn to the teaching profession for fear of layoffs.

Excessive pressure and low salary are the major cause of increasing incidents of turnover of teachers. Education institutions should increase the salary of the teachers decrease the workload to attract more teachers.

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